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  •  This fingerprint bracelet is completely handmade using a classic Goldsmithing technique ensuring a high quality

  •  A unique personal gift that will be a memory for a lifetime for your loved ones.

  • 14K yellow\white gold

  • Hart Shape \ Round disc 

  • Please send me the high-resolution scanned fingerprint

  • I would be happy to help and explain how to take a fingerprint in the most high quality and easy way possible, please feel free to contact me :-)

  • The pendants are double-sided, on one side the fingerprint and on the other side is the first letter of the name. 

  •  Arrives in a beautiful gift-box ready to enjoy or hand out as a special gift.

  • This jewelry is made to order, please write any request you have regarding the size.

  • The preparation of the jewelry takes 1-4 weeks and I send the jewelry by express delivery so please add your phone number to the address.


Fingerprint Bracelet

    •    Bracelet Length: 17 cm/ 6.692 inch
         Bead diameter : 3 mm/ 1.181 inch
         Pendants size: approximately 8 mm width

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